im setting myself on fire goodbye 

I am not sexist,anti-feminine or whatever

the only reason you need wimpy support groups is because of your primal instinct of inferiority

Apparently we’re paid less because of lack of ambition.


I want to see my lack of ambition when some man say this to my face and I punch him right on his balls and stand there watching him while he suffers on his knees.

1.  ’never been forced to die in a war’…really.  Here is a link to the female casualties of the Iraq war.  Here is a link to the female casualties of the Vietnam war.  Here is a link listing male and female casualties of World War II.  How about you shut your moronic mouth and realize that in a war, EVERYONE is forced to die, not just those with penises.

2.  ’You are not capable of performing the same tasks men do because you lack the ambition and devotion to do a good job at anything.  This is why you get paid less.’  Tell that to Jessica Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Marion Jones, Harriet Tubman, Susan B. Anthony, Stephanie Kwolek, Marie Curie, Madeline Albright, Cleopatra, Hatshepsut, Queen Elizabeth I, Gertrude B. Elion, Rosalind Franklin.  I could make an entire post about women performing the same tasks as men and BEATING them on their own male-dominated field.  

3.  ’Remember when you weren’t allowed to vote? It’s because you lack the enough logical reasoning skills to take difficult decisions in a sound manner.’  Since this sentence is grammatically illogical, I don’t even need to argue the point.  I win by default.  

4.  ’You have never ruled the world. Because you lack the enough physical strength and intelligence to lead an army or a nation.’  We have never ruled the world because we’re not stupid enough to attempt it.  And yes, we have led armies and nations—Cleopatra, Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria, Joan of Arc, Boudicca, Artemisia of Caria, Zenobia, Tamar of Georgia off the top of my head.  There have been others.  Many others.  

5.  ’The only reason you need wimpy support groups (i.e. feminism) is because of your primal instinct of inferiority.’  No, the reason we need feminism is because of the male inferiority complex which leads idiots to make these kinds of posts.  

6.  ’You have never invented anything worth mentioning during the last thousands of years of recorded human history.’  So, kevlar, windshield wipers, non-reflecting glass, dishwashers, signal flares, x-ray technology, the leukemia fighting drug 6-mercaptopurine, whiteout, vacuum packed canning, optical analysis systems, gas heating furnaces, the process of isolating human stem cells, are not worth mentioning? Or perhaps this person is too much of a dumbass to know this?

7.  ’Mathematics, philosophy, science, medicine, and all of the important building blocks of modern society were created by men.’  Okay first off, no one created mathematics, philosophy, or science—we discover it.  Secondly, some famous women that helped further all of these—Marie Curie, Eva Viehmann, Maria Chudnovsky, Hypatia, Sophie Germain, Ada Lovelace, Emmy Noether, Thermistoclea, Diotima of Mantinea, Aspasia of Miletus, Heloise, St. Teresa of Avila, Catherine of Siena, Agamede, Aglaonike, Merit Ptah, Theano, Constance Calenda, Lilavati, I COULD GO ON.  

And we did it all while looking fabulous and occasionally bearing children.  So go fuck yourself, whoever shared and wrote this idiotic facebook post.  Woe to you if it ever shows up on MY facebook feed.  

I will make you a sandwich all right.  A knuckle sandwich served straight to your balls. 


SEXIST BULLSHIT. My blood boils when I read something like that. It’s really sad that there are people - even woman! - who think like that.

I actually thought it was just a joke – I couldn’t believe someone could be that stupid! 

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